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From Manchester to Cornwall, Over and Out; Science Lesson Observation Via Skype

Today, 45 budding University of Manchester PGCE trainee teachers intently observed a live Y4 science lesson all the way in Cornwall, ‘surely there are schools teaching science in Manchester?’ I hear you cry. Well the lesson was observed via Skype!

‘Manchester to Cornwall over and out! Cornwall received, over!’


The call originally kept dropping for no apparent reason but then the lesson was in full swing!

After a few technical glitches, everything was up and running and the science lesson began. We were able to enjoy an inspirational lesson that outlined some amazing teaching activities and ideas that we will no doubt adopt into our own practice, all from the comfort of Manchester University’s campus. (I’m thankful we avoided a coach trip down to Cornwall)!

Could you imagine 45 trainee teachers crammed into a small Y4 class room whilst others peered through the condensed windows trying to get a glimpse of the learning and teaching styles adopted within the lesson? I can and it would have been mayhem. The lesson probably wouldn’t have been quite so successful if that was the case. Thankfully, the delights and ease of use that technology offers these days came to the rescue and an example of recent technology at its best was displayed as we used video triumphantly to enhance our learning.

Just think what the future may hold…virtual classrooms for primary aged children whilst they sit of their hover chairs in the comfort of their own home…

…the possibilities are endless…!



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