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Aurasma: Revolutionising the classroom

When we observed the science lesson mentioned in my ‘From Manchester to Cornwall, Over and Out; Science Lesson Observation Via Skype’, I noticed the teacher constantly taking photos of the groups and their work. He explained that he was going to stick the photos in the children’s books and then they could use an app on the iPad called Aurasma to scan the photo and watch a video/listen to an audio clip of the lesson and what they found. This was amazing and so I downloaded the app and gave it a go.

It was tricky to navigate and set up initially however once I had mastered the app there was no stopping me. And it is true…it’s amazing! This could be useful within many lessons, especially those that are practical.

I found a video titled ‘Quick Aurasma Demo for Teachers:‘ which I found very helpful when opening the app for the first time.

One idea I had was to create class books for each foundation subject such as PE, DT, Music, Drama etc. and each double page spread in these books represents one lesson using pictures and small written explanations summarising the lesson. Then when children hover the iPad, whilst on Aurasma, over the pictures, a video/audio clip of the children or teacher appears, explaining the lesson content, what they did etc. It is a super way to evidence lessons and work that are more practical and it could even be a class project on a Friday afternoon to update the app/make it work. Children would then be tapping into their digital literacy and information technology.

I will definitely be using this app within my own class, or on FPP if I have chance to. It is fantastic, simply aurasome!


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