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Phonics: It’s so jolly

jolly-phonics-screenshots/a/- /a/! Apps on the iPad

/a/- /a/! Apps on the iPad

/a/- /a/! Apps on the iPad

It’s simply amazing!

Jolly phonics are great; an interactive way of teaching children sounds and words, along with letter formation. What’s even better is that children can access the app containing all the phonetical sounds and songs on iPads all the time on a free Jolly Phonics app (for teachers). There is one for children with interactive games but it costs £5.

I downloaded the Jolly Phonics app for teachers and had a little browse. It is so easy to use and full of ideas to incorporate phonics into each day.

You simply click on the sound you want to work on and then an array of options appear as you scroll down. You can hear the sound, practice the letter formation, sing the song that matches the sound (with instructions for the actions) and there is also a revise section, outlining all the sounds to recap and revise that are previous to the current one.

Children could use this app and work in pairs or small groups, practicing the song and letter formation if the teacher is working with a different group. This allows children to really take ownership of their learning as the app is super child friendly as well! The teacher could even have this app up on the interactive whiteboard as a whole class activity.

Other phonics interactive websites and resources I like are:

Phonics dice

Splat game (with fly swats)




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