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Decide Now! The involvement wheel…

Decide now!  is an app that acts as a spinning wheel and is an alternative to the common hands up approach. Eradicating the hands up approach within some lessons may improve students engagement as a class. By using this ‘Decide now!’ wheel, the students never know when they are going to be chosen and therefore, will hopefully constantly be paying attention in case they are.

Once downloaded (although it cost 49p), the teacher can input in each section the names of individual pupils or groups of pupils, the wheel is then spun and whoever it lands on will carry out the task outlined or contribute accordingly. For example, the next student to present a poster or show their artwork, explain how they answered a question or present their science findings.

As this is an app, it can be taken to PE lessons too, in which children could then perform a routine in dance or gymnastics or show their peers a paired balance.

This would be useful if the class are reluctant to volunteer or conversely, if every child is always super eager to volunteer. I would always make sure that if children really didn’t want to come to the front or contribute once chosen that they don’t have to.

I would incorporate this into my teaching as I believe it is a subtle yet powerful tool to improve class engagement and give an alternative system to the hands up approach.

class decide now.png
An example of a class Decide now! wheel demonstrating a child’s name in each segment.

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