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KS2 Guided Professional Placement

I am very excited to begin my guided placement with a Year 5 class at a lovely school on Monday 17th October.

Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate some computing within their history lessons on the Vikings by using Morfo – an app that allows you to take a picture of your face and then edit it to look like superheroes, people from different era’s and people from history by using ‘dress up’ items. You can also add a voice to the face you create, so I am hoping to introduce a Viking lesson using my Viking Morfo creation and see how it goes and what the reactions of the children are.

Similarly, by using CoachesEye – an app that lets you slow down videos and edit them to show progression or areas for improvement, I hope to help some children think creatively about their gymnastic sequences within PE. By watching their own sequences back they are more likely to spot areas that could be improved or changed and it also brings computing into PE to show that computing is not just classroom based.

I will keep updating this page throughout my time on GPP, giving reflections and evaluations of lessons where I utilised computing well, or not so well…

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