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Christmas Enterprise Week

GPP has gone extremely well and now it’s drawing to close I am actually quite upset to be leaving my lovely class and school. I have planned and taught some super lessons and am loving the life of a trainee teacher (but sometimes a lay in is definitely needed)!

Creative Computing:

This week the year 5 and 6 children are completing all the activities for their enterprise week so they can show off all their craft, budgeting and singing skills at their Christmas Market. They are using the netbooks to create posters to advertise the market around school using Micorsoft Word and Publisher. They are all thoroughly excited to make all the stock and work out how much money they will make. I must say it is very hectic but very enjoyable. Also, what is even more exciting for me is that I have my own group of children this week because we have split year 5 and 6 into 3 groups of 20. Hopefully everything will be okay. Fingers crossed.

Interactive whiteboards:

So the children could quickly and accurately learn the words of their carols, we decided to display the lyrics on the whiteboard using Out of the Ark. This also enabled them to follow the words in time to the music. After a few lessons, they were able to sing the carols correctly without the words. They even managed Silent Night in German and French!

Here’s to a great final few weeks and a successful Christmas Market.

Merry Christmas.

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