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Myth and Legends – Ancient Greek Gossip

In English, the children were studying a variety of Greek myths and legends. We started the topic off by reading Perseus and Medusa as a class. The overall aim was to write a diary entry from the perspective of a hero within the myth; in this case, Perseus. To write a successful and effective diary entry, the children needed to think about how Perseus felt before, during and after slaying Medusa and use first person.

We thought by ‘interviewing’ the great hero Perseus, we could generate plenty of ideas to use in our diary entry’s. To do this effectively, I purchased blow up microphones, which the interviewers held and a reflective shield, which Perseus held during the interview. Perseus (a volunteering child) came to the front and answered questions in character from the interviewers about his thoughts and feelings when slaying Medusa. ‘Perseus’ was changed every 3 or so questions so different children had opportunity to become Perseus and the interviewing was initially modelled by myself and the TA.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and they had some super ideas to write up into the Ancient Greek Gossip magazine following the interview (as pictured above the blog heading). We then looked at synonyms of certain feelings such as scared, worried, happy and sad to up-level their writing.


The display was a celebration of the children’s work and also acted as a word wall of adjectives to describe thoughts and feelings to assist the children in their future work. The children enjoyed using the words rejoiced and anxious in their diary entry’s that followed and these words appeared in their vocabulary as a result of interviewing Perseus. They were excited to see their work being celebrated for all to see and in some cases, made them try super hard in subsequent pieces of work.

To finish off the lesson, pairs of children came to the front and reenacted the interview using the answers they had written into the magazine and it was peer assessed using 3 stars and a wish.


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