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Capacity and Computing

During maths on GPP the children had been learning how to multiply and divide any given number by 10, 100 and 1000. As a contextual link, I added in converting units for example m to mm and l to ml, which subsequently also tied in with capacity. Therefore, my lesson had two learning outcomes and 4 activities which were completed over two lessons.

One of my activities incorporated the use of laptops to engage the children within their learning. I logged all the laptops on to TES Measuring Capacity game in which they had to guess how much liquid certain items held. Then could then self assess by checking their predictions on the game. If they finished completed this, a second tab had been set up. This tab was open onto a BBC Taking Measures game.capacity-2

Children had to match an object of unit of measurement displayed at the top of the screen to the object of unit of measure at the bottom of the screen, however multiple options were displayed at the bottom. This helped them grasp the concept that the amount of liquid a cup holds is measured in ml rather than l, thus adhering to the estimating capacity learning objective.

Overall this lessons went extremely well, however did not a lot of planning. Children were very engaged within the computer activity and even managed to enhance the activity by pairing up and seeing who could get 10/10 in the quickest time.

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