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Resources for teaching KS1 E-Safety

These videos, although on YouTube so please be aware of comments and other videos, will begin discussions within KS1 regarding internet safety and what to do whilst online. The content is relevant and useful to how KS1 children will use the internet and making children aware about the dangers of the internet from a very young age is vital.

  • This Newsround video ‘Caught in the Web’ displays well the need for safety on the web. (Published in 2010)



  • CEOP KS1 film as part of the ThinkUKnow programme. Brother and sister, Lee and Kim navigate the online world with the help of the trusted superhero friend, SID, who outlines the dangers on the world wide web. (Published in 2011).



  • Creative Conspiracy (CC) created a Child Focus ‘E-Safety’ awareness video about pop ups and unwanted links online. (Published in 2012)



  • Digi Ducks Big Decision is another useful ebook to make children aware of internet safety. (Published in 2012)



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