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Morfo: A long lost video message from the past…

Morfo is an app that allows the user to quickly turn a photo of yourself or a friend into a different 3D character by editing voice, appearance and style. It can be successfully utilised by teachers and students in a variety of lessons to captivate the students further whilst developing their computer literacy.

Once a picture of a face has been taken, you align the white lined facial features up with the picture and then you are all set to customise.

My attempt: 

I thought this app would be highly useful within many lessons but in particular English lessons in which students could read a diary entry from a characters perspective or the teacher could ‘morf’ their face into a character from the book. In addition, students could describe characters the teacher creates using the app or invent characters for their own narrative.

You could become Medusa from the Greek Myth Perseus and create a story from her point of view. Or you could explore the motions felt by ‘Plop’ within the story ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.’

Similarly, it could successfully be utilised within a topic lesson, such as history, whereby the teacher introduces a new topic or task by ‘morfing’ into, for example, a Viking.

It could captivate a students curious mind if introduced a long lost video message from ancient history which has set quests for them to solve. 

I attempted to ‘morf’ myself into a Viking, hopefully one that isn’t too creepy or scary. I found the app super easy to navigate and it didn’t take me long to explore and get to grips with the various settings.

Potentially scary Viking Chloe

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