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hopscotch logoHopscotch is an app that prides itself on creative expression and the belief that anyone can code.

By signing up and entering the app you are faced with many options to learn how to code. Once a game or training video is selected it takes you to a screen that allows you to create and code a game by following a smaller step by step video screen.

The video guides the learner through exactly what needs to be done to achieve the desired goal whilst also explaining and defining terms such as code, emoji, algorithm etc.

This app would be extremely useful within the classroom as it allows learners to work at their own pace by either following the pace of the video or a separate group could follow the lead of the teacher.

There are so many options available on this app, children would be kept captivated and engaged whilst learning how to code. It can be linked to instructional texts and even PE; by making instructions clear to a peer to carry them out, for example around an obstacle course.

I am no computer whiz, but I picked up this app and instantly felt confident in creating my own game. I managed to make a ‘whack-a-dinosaur’ and a ‘jump in’ game. It is super easy to follow and s the aspects of code are regularly spoken about, the children will learn definitions and computer vocabulary through free time and exploration on this app.

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The Hopscotch blog has many useful pages relating to the importance of coding, computational thinking and creativity. 

I will definitely be using Hopscotch within my teaching to enhance the knowledge and skill set of the children within my classroom. I feel the simple, yet effective app allows children to individualise coding to suit their interests and foster their creativity.


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