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BLIPPIT is a tool in which children and teachers can create and publish apps.

Blippit has a wide range of uses:

  • as self-contained projects in their own right
  • as part of a wider topic in the classroom
  • to engage reluctant writers
  • to personalise learning & promote children as independent learners
  • to help you as a teacher assess children’s knowledge and understanding

The apps can be created and once published, accessed by iPhones, smart phones, tablets and even on a web browser. In addition, the apps created only need to be approved by the teacher before they can be submitted for the world to see. A quick guide and tour of the programme can be accessed here.

If in a 2 form entry school, one class of children could create apps on aspects of a book, or Viking life, whilst the other class could create an app regarding other aspects of Viking life or a different book. Collaboratively, the year group could have a book review app or two apps all about Viking life. This would therefore tick plenty of cross-curricular boxes as an activity such as the one mentioned above fits into computing, english, topic and DT. By using Blippit, children would be developing their digital literacy skills, whilst tapping into computer science and information technology so its a very useful resource to incorporate into the classroom and curriculum.

There is also a video outlining how to use and navigate Blippit which is extremely useful to use yourself and to show aspects of to the children ‘Blippit How to Use’

Blippit how to use
A screenshot of the Blippit How to Use video

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