Primary PGCE Computing Pledge

  1. To adhere to national and school policies regarding child protection and online safety.
  2. To adhere to the national CEOP guidelines see and
  3. Not to make images of learners, students, school or University staff without permission from the school in the case of pupils or the individual in the case of adults.
  4. Not to publish, circulate or use for course or none course related purposes any image or information about a child or professional practitioner encountered as part of the PGCE programme without permission.
  5. Not to expose pupils to inappropriate materials or details which would allow them access such materials.
  6. To always anonymise material included in course related tasks and assignments.
  7. Not to give learners any details of personal telephone numbers, Email accounts or access to social networking accounts.
  8. Not to engage with learners or their parents encountered on the primary PGCE within any form of social networking.
  9. To report to an appropriate authority any suspicious or suspected activity encountered which might be considered to be bullying, radicalisation, extremism or grooming of a young person or a threat to young person.
  10. To act to discourage and if encountered report any form of cyberbullying.
  11. To promote ESafety and responsible use of ICT and web based resources so as to enable young people to interact at an appropriate level.
  12. If a school requires you to support homework by Email set up a separate ‘professional account’ for this purpose.
  13. If you load sensitive pupil data onto your laptop please ensure that it is encrypted
  14. My showcase Blog Site will be my own work and will accurately reflect my personal capability in Computing.

I, Chloe S, the undersigned, understand and agree to the terms of this pledge and will act in every way possible in a responsible and professional manner towards the safeguarding and E-safety of all individuals encountered on the PGCE. If I break the terms of the pledge I will inform the course director immediately.