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Eye in the Sky: SkyView

SkyView  is an app that brings everyone the ability to stargaze and explore the universe beyond.

By simply pointing the iPad or iPhone at the sky, the universe and beyond including stars, constellations, planets and satellites re just waiting to be explored.

This app is useful for children to discover first hand beyond the clouds. It could be used as a topic introduction in Science (Year 5 curriculum) to allow children to question and wonder or as a tool for creative writing within KS2. In addition, by clicking on planets you can find out all the information about each planet.

skyview planet.png

You can also set the app up so you receive notifications about certain astronomical events. Particularly useful if the class are waiting for something specific or studying a certain satellite or planet. I could spend a very long time on this app, exploring and discovering wonders of the universe, it would most definitely captivate imagination and wonder each child may have whilst contributing to their digital literacy skills.


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