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Computer Self Assessment Audit 2 – January 2017

Below are some computing skills which are self-graded based on individual confidence and competence as of January 2017.

The grading of the skills is as follows:

A I am very competent and confident.
B I am competent and confident.
C I have an adequate level of competence but wish to strengthen my skills.
D I feel competent at few or no aspects and need considerable training and support.


Level of knowledge and/or skill in the following: 

KS 1 Floor Turtles e.g. Bee-Bot, Pro-Bot B

KS 1 Programming Language e.g. ScratchJr, Daisy the Dinosaur, Lightbot B

KS 2 Programming Languages e.g. Scratch, Kodu C

KS 2 Physical computing devices e.g. Crumble controller, Codebug, Makey Makey D

Computer Networks (E.g. LAN, Internet, workings of search engines) D

Presentation Software (E.g. Prezi or PowerPoint) A

Spreadsheets B

Databases D

Graphics D

Video Editing (E.g. Movie Maker) D

Music Creation and Podcasting (E.g. Garage Band, Audacity) D

Animation (E.g. I can animate App) D

Blogging B

Twitter A

Facebook A

Mobile App Publishing (E.g. Blippit) D

Coding in HTML D

Ability to demonstrate and use the following hardware & equipment:

Tablet/Mobile Devices A

Video Recording/Cameras B

Printers (Trouble shooting) B

Interactive Whiteboard/Projectors B

Voting/handheld devices C

Ability to harness technology as a primary teacher:

Identify areas of the curriculum that could be enhanced by Computing A

Use Computing so that it does not obscure the subject content/message A

Access information relevant to teaching from the internet A

Locate and access computer and non-computer materials, resources, support B

Use Computing to prepare and adapt teaching materials. A

Use Computing for administration systems for recording progress. A

Ability to develop lesson plans that integrate the effective use of computing across the curriculum to:

Support teaching and learning B

Cover the programmes of study of the National Curriculum for computing C

Teach computing elements of the other core and foundation curriculum subjects B

Identify and detail the resources, software /hardware to support the lessons D

Improve learning of able children and those with special educational needs B

Knowledge and skills relating to classroom management of Computing including:

How to organise and manage group work A

How to approach whole class teaching A

How to organise computing equipment to allow pupils access A

Ability to monitor and assess children’s use of Computing:

Identifying where they need extending and supporting B

Identifying how computing influences objectives and outcomes A

Deciding whether or not all pupils have access to the objectives and outcomes B

Determining how group work may affect pupil capability B

Awareness of issues and legislation relating to pupils’ access to information:

Awareness of the role of the teacher in respect of child protection and Computing. A

Protection of pupils from unsuitable areas of the internet. A

Copyright regulations A

The Data Protection Act A

Health and Safety regulations A

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